Four Outdoor Survival Skills

What would you do if you found yourself in an outdoor setting? When planning for an outdoor adventure, you need to have nature survival skills. That is why you should plan in time. Always make the plans at least four months before the trip. On the d-day, ensure that you carry all the essentials with you, and if possible, you have an Alternative Energy source. . The following survival skills will come in handy.

Have a Positive Mentality

You will face several life-threatening challenges. Such situations will require you to have a positive attitude. You will need to be optimistic to get out of a disaster. Although, some challenges demand a quick response, never rush your decision-making process. To get out of a situation, you will have to observe the rule of the spear. This rule dictates that you should stop, plan, execute, assess and re-evaluate the danger.

The Shelter is Paramount

To survive in the wilderness, you must set up a good shelter. Several people die in the wilderness after developing hypothermia. You can develop this disease when you are exposed to dangerous elements. A good shelter will keep you warm even during winter. When choosing a location for the tent, locate it far from hazards. Also, place it away from the direction of the wind. It is also important to think about the source of heat. Make a structure that will accommodate everyone. You can use a cave or a stump as your shelter.  Camping and Shelter will undoubtedly come handy here. 

To Survive, You Will Need Ample Water

If you are to survive in the wilderness, you will require plenty of water. Possessing water-gathering skills in the wilderness is invaluable. You should have more than eight glasses of water every day. Affording such a luxury in the wilderness is next to impossible. As such, you should consider drinking other fluids. Learn how to pasteurize milk for use in the forest. You also need to treat water so that you it can last you through the wilderness without getting ill.

Preserve and Carry Enough Food

According to the rule of threes, human beings can go for three weeks without food. However, to see out those weeks, all other needs must be met. Finding a constant supply can be daunting. You can feed on some of the weeds. Oaks and conifers have a great nutrition value. You will need to preserve your food so that it can see you through the danger. Use methods such as cede frying or sun drying.

Also, you should know how to start a fire. You will also need to possess various naturalist skills. The above skills will help you survive the outdoors. Here are some steps to great food preservation: